"I was Daniel’s internship supervisor for his Master’s Degree in Drama Therapy from New York University. He interned at my job on the Child/Adolescent Inpatient unit at Bronx-Lebanon Hospital [BronxCare Health System]. Many of our patients are hospitalized for psychiatric illnesses including depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, conduct disorder and ADHD.

Daniel worked primarily with the adolescents. He ran several groups and individual sessions during the time he spent on our unit. Daniel was an intern for 3-4 months. We also worked together for several more months as Daniel was completing his thesis and I served as his second reader. I know Daniel will say that he learned a lot from me, but I equally learned a lot from him – about perseverance, dedication to our profession, and about waiting and keeping your cool.

While he was my intern Daniel gave of himself freely to the kids. He was open to the kids while maintaining a professional distance. When I first met Daniel I thought, “Oh my God! He’s a geeky, frail-looking white guy – our kids are going to eat him alive!!!” But looks are deceptive. At the time, we had a female patient who was very aggressive, verbally and physically. I don’t know what it was about Daniel, but his style, his manner, his way was so disarming and relaxed, that she loved Daniel. She loved working with him, and, believe me, this was a major feat not many of the staff on the unit could match.

Most importantly, to me, Daniel respected the cultural background of our kids and their environment. This is something many white Creative Arts Therapists working with African American and Latino teens fail to understand. Daniel never came across as frightened of the kids nor was he condescending. He tried to make connections between his experience and the experience of our patients.

I know your organization will be very satisfied with Daniel’s performance and I know he will utilize the skills he learns with you not only in Drama Therapy, but in his life at large."


Zeneida Disla-Thorne, MA, LCAT

Licensed Creative Arts Therapist