Cornell University Health Center

"Daniel has been an outstanding and vital member of the team in the Medical Department, and has brought great gifts and talents to this role [Behavioral Health Clinician]. He will be greatly missed for his warm, empathic, and compassionate clinical approach as well as being a responsive and committed team member, always going above and beyond to help and assist in any situation."

-- Dr. Anne Jones Medical Director
Cornell University Health Center

"It is my great pleasure to provide an enthusiastic letter of reference for Daniel Cooper, LMHC. At the time of this writing, I have known Daniel for over a year and currently supervise him in his role as a Behavioral Health Consultant (BHC) at Cornell Health.

Daniel’s role as a BHC involves serving as a readily accessible member of an interdisciplinary primary care team, supporting the mental and behavioral health needs of our Cornell student population. Daniel typically sees between 4 to 8 students per day, to offer brief, time-limited, and functionally oriented behavioral recommendations. His services are often utilized “same day” in a warm hand-off model, where he manages either a routine student need, or a mental health crisis. The BHC role is considerably complex, as it involves a vast knowledge of general mental health, as well as a specialized understanding of brief treatment, behavioral intervention, and behavioral medicine. It also requires noted flexibility in role and function, a calm and steady clinical demeanor, and tolerance, perhaps even enthusiasm, for times of unpredictability in one’s schedule and clinical expectations. In addition, the role is highly interdisciplinary in nature, as BHCs work with both medical and specialized mental health providers to liaison for students’ needs.

Daniel has impressed me this past year with his ability to learn this role, relying on his solid relational skills and fastidious work ethic to support his growth as a BHC. Most impressive is his desire to self-improve, ask questions, and respond professionally to constructive feedback. He is also an excellent team player, and quickly earned the respect and affection of his colleagues with his friendly and dependable nature. This was apparent most recently when he volunteered to co-lead a novel peer-support group for students in mandatory isolation/quarantine as part of Cornell’s pandemic response plan. The request for this group came at a very busy time in everyone’s schedule, and was a new and uncertain clinical request. Daniel offered leadership to the team in developing a format and content for the group, and leaned into the uncertainty with enthusiasm. This is one of many examples where Daniel took on additional responsibilities in the interest of supporting either our immediate BHC team, or his larger medical team/colleagues. I also admire Daniel’s clinical acumen; he is adept at emotional matching and empathy, motivational interviewing, trauma-informed care, and patient advocacy. Daniel is also a pleasure to know personally.

In sum, Daniel is a hardworking, knowledgeable, conscientious, and amazingly empathic provider, and I recommend him as a mental health professional without reservation."

-- Kaitlin R. Lilienthal, PhD Clinical Program Director, Behavioral Health

Cornell University Health Center