"Daniel has consistently responded with maturity and appreciation as the Program [Riverside Home-Based Family Services] continues to create new policies and structures. He seems to welcome change readily and is often vocal with his peers to corral their cooperation in a team meeting. I have been grateful for all the initiative he has taken during staff ad hoc groups to assist with the programs development and the extra time he has given most generously to interview potential candidates. Amazingly, Daniel is efficient with his time to supersede all expectations, such as balancing direct care, productivity, programmatic meetings, etc. When it comes to client care, he often works with our most financially disenfranchised population, ferociously attempting to meet basic needs, advocacy and clinical issues alike.

Daniel has been intentional this past year to expand his family therapy skills and his process shows. Beyond developing strong therapeutic relationships, he initiates difficult conversations to challenge family dynamics and perceptions. He is readily more comfortable being strategic in what treatment modality is needed for each family and has worked cautiously and with mutual respect for contentious divorces couples who are trying to co-parent from afar. As the only male on our team able to work with Latino and Brazilian families, he is highly valued for the positive role model and impact he has with an expanding population that often feels culturally misunderstood and forgotten.

His relentless crusade to expand their support systems cannot be understated and I hope he realizes his enormous contribution to the field. Despite strong therapeutic alliances, he is able to initiate termination of home based services when treatment goals have been reached or when clients have withdrawn significantly from the therapeutic process. Daniel demonstrates an ability to work independently, but can also ask for help when needed. All in all, it is a pleasure to watch Daniel grown professionally as he is self driven and enormously introspective. Words alone do not begin to acknowledge all your dedication within the program and the community we serve!!!"

- Lorraine Helfand-Garcia, LICSW