Mind Heart Counseling

Mind Heart Counseling offers an Integrative, Experiential, and Contemplative therapeutic approach to enhance health and well being.  Its guiding principals are aligned with practical World Wisdom traditions, in conjunction with Eastern and Western psychology.  Holistic approaches are offered to incorporate a balance of body, mind, and heart. We may explore themes such as Neurodiversity, High Sensitivity, Relational Dynamics, and Anxiety-related issues.  An array of tools are provided, including mindfulness, self-awareness, healthy questioning, and time-tested methods to interrupt negative habit patterns.

Dan A. Cooper, LMHC, owner of Mind Heart Counseling, is a highly skilled, empathic, and perceptive Counselor-Therapist.  He brings over 14 years of Clinical Mental Health Counseling experience in settings which include: Cornell University Health Center, Boston University's affiliated Health Center, and New York University's associated Health Center. Dan's in-depth training in Contemplative Psychology is informed by an innovative degree program from the renowned institution, Naropa University.   His graduate education in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and Creative Arts Therapy was completed at New York University and Lesley University.  Additional advanced certificates include Internal Family Systems, Neurobiology of Trauma, AEDP, Motivational Interviewing, Integrated Behavioral Health, and Family Therapy.  Dan offers a wide perspective and creative approach.  

In Counseling sessions with Dan, individuals explore themes such as Relational Dynamics, High Sensitivity, Attention and Learning issues, Challenges with Motivation, Imposter Syndrome, Self-Compassion for Professionals and Caregivers, and Graduate and Undergraduate Student Stress.  Colleagues and Clinicians praise Dan's therapeutic capacity to "zero in" on core issues, while  maintaining a warm and compassionate stance.    (see testimonials)

Dan specializes in Clinical Mental Health Counseling for men in their 20's, 30's, and 40's, and with Sensitive Mental Health Professionals.  He is licensed to practice in NY and MA. Dan provides telehealth sessions for residents of New York State and Massachusetts.  Sessions can be conducted in Portuguese, Spanish, or English.  Dan is an in-network provider with Aetna in NY and MA (including Cornell University Student Health Plan). Please contact him about other insurance plans and out-of-pocket rates.  Currently, Dan utilizes a waiting list for all interested individuals.  Please contact him for payment and insurance questions (see bottom of page for contact information).

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