Mind Heart Counseling

Daniel Cooper, LMHC, Counselor Therapist

Many of us benefit from having a safe space where we can regularly express ourselves with an empathic Counselor Therapist. The process of exploring our struggles, frustrations, as well as aspirations, with a non-judgmental professional Counselor, can produce growth. We work together to constructively navigate mental, relational, emotional, and physical obstacles. My strengths-based clinical experience, including at Cornell University Health Center, enables me to address a variety of needs and assist with finding solutions. Finding the means to cope with barriers can be daunting. The experience of aligning with a Counselor is important because this connection can foster emotional safety, attunement, and enhanced motivation.

For over 11 years, I have provided Multicultural Mental Health Counseling and Experiential Therapies to various populations, including students, families, and adults - in the Finger Lakes region, NYC, Boston, Brazil, and Chile. With licenses to practice psychotherapy in New York and Massachusetts, my extensive work experiences include the following settings: outpatient counseling centers, schools, intensive home-based, and community health centers. I am bilingual in Portuguese and fluent in Spanish, and offer counseling services in these three languages.

My approach is strength-based, solution-oriented, relational, and focused on the here and now. The enhanced trainings which inform my practice include:

At this time I am working with adolescents (18 and up) and adults in person (NY State) and via telehealth (NY and MA). I am an in-network provider with Aetna (including SHP) and Excellus BCBS in NY. Please inquire about costs and other insurance options.

I utilize a waiting list for all interested individuals. If it seems that your situation matches my Contemplative Psychology approach, then I may add you to the waitlist and will let you know when I will have availability. I look forward to discussing your needs regarding Counseling Therapy sessions. Email inquiries can be sent to: info@danielcoopercounselor.com

For more details about my background and professional development click here.


  • Mental Health for Graduate, Undergraduate Students, and Professionals

  • Self-Compassion for Clinicians and Caregivers

  • Relational Dynamics such as Emotional Intimacy, Boundaries, and Attunement

  • Empowering individuals with Attention and Learning difficulties

  • The Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) and Self-Care

  • Anxiety, Depression, and Mood Imbalance

  • Spiritual and Existential Concerns

  • Cultural and Immigration Challenges, Community Resources

  • Chronic Health Issues and Body-Mind Integration

The colorful and serene counseling office:

Artwork by Helena Cooper: helenacooperart.com