Mind Heart Counseling

Dan A. Cooper, LMHC, Counselor Therapist

My current focus is working with men in their 20's, 30's, and 40's, and with Sensitive Mental Health Professionals. We may explore themes such as Neurodiversity, High Sensitivity, Interpersonal Dynamics, and Anxiety-related issues.  My passion is to share Integrative, Experiential, and Contemplative methodologies to help individuals with interrupting unhelpful habit patterns and to enhance health and well being.

The holistic approaches which I offer aim to inspire reflection, inquisitiveness, and exploration. They take time and practice and can foster gradual development. A few of the qualities that I look for in prospective clients are: motivation to learn and grow, self-awareness, and receptivity to engage in dialogue and collaboration. The modalities I share with clients include tools such as mindfulness, neuroscience, relational skills, healthy questioning, and practical methods to rewire negative spirals.   I invite you to learn more about these Integrative and Contemplative Approaches by clicking here.

The following methodologies inform my practice: Strength based and Trauma-Informed approaches (with an emphasis in Neurobiology, Somatic Disciplines, Neuroscience), Internal Family Systems, AEDP, Creative Arts Therapies, Contemplative Practices, and Self-Compassion.  My 13+ year clinical experience includes previous work at Cornell University Health Center, as well as other outpatient Behavioral Health settings.

Sessions are offered in person (in NY State). Virtual sessions are offered in both NY and MA.   I am an in-network provider with Aetna (including SHP) in NY and MA. Please inquire about costs and other insurance options.

I utilize a waiting list for all interested individuals. If it seems that your situation, needs, and preferences align with my approach, we can discuss my availability. Email inquiries can be sent to: info@danielcoopercounselor.com

Many of us benefit from having a safe space where we can regularly express ourselves with an empathic Clinical Counselor. The process of exploring our struggles, frustrations, as well as aspirations, with a non-judgmental professional Counselor, can produce growth. We work together to constructively navigate mental, relational, emotional, and physical obstacles. My strengths-based clinical experience, including at Cornell University Health Center, enables me to address a variety of needs and assist with finding solutions.  Finding the means to cope with barriers can be daunting. The experience of aligning with a Professional Counselor is important because this connection can foster emotional safety, attunement, and enhanced motivation. 

For over 13 years, I have provided Multicultural Mental Health Counseling and Experiential Therapies to various populations, including students, families, and adults - in the Finger Lakes region, NYC, Boston, Brazil, and Chile.  With licenses to practice psychotherapy in New York and Massachusetts, my extensive work experiences include the following settings: outpatient counseling centers, schools, intensive home-based, and community health centers.  I am bilingual in Portuguese and fluent in Spanish, and offer counseling services in these three languages.

My approach is based on Integral, Holistic, and Contemplative approaches.  My stance is strength-based, solution-oriented, relational, and focused on the here and now.  A few of the inspiring teachers who currently influence my work are Ani Pema Chödrön, Dr. Janina Fisher, Dr. Thema Bryant, Dr. Shelly Harrell, Dr. Paul Brunton, Dr. Richard Schwartz, Dr. Ann Drake, Spring Washam,  Zenju Earthlyn Manuel, Lorain Fox Davis, Helen Hamilton, and Paul Oertel. I often share with clients and colleagues tools, resources and helpful teachings.

 The enhanced trainings which inform my practice include: 

Licensed Mental Health Counselor in NY and MA

Contemplative Psychology: (Naropa University) "The field of contemplative psychology nourishes individual and collective transformation."

Internal Family Systems Level 1 (year-long training)

Family Systems Therapy (year-long intensive training) 

Motivational Interviewing (Advanced Practitioner)

AEDP Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy (year-long)

TeleMental Health Training Certificate  "Covers all of the essential competencies of using technology in practice and of providing services from a distance."

Smith School of Social Work: Foundations of Clinical Supervision Certificate (In Process) "The course draws on concepts from multiple theoretical perspectives: psychodynamic, attachment, trauma and adult learning theories, always synthesizing perspectives on cultural awareness and the impact of oppression.."

For more details about my background and professional development click here.

Currently I am specializing in working with men in their 20's, 30's, and 40's, and with perceptive and reflective Mental Health Professionals.  My intention is to offer tools and practices such as self-inquiry, developing perceptiveness, and opening to greater perspectives.  Together we engage in dialogue and collaboration, and aim to re-orient toward greater Awareness.  

We may explore themes which include:

The colorful and serene counseling office:

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